The Patient and Client Council will help you to complain about any part of health and social care.

Our How can we help? booklet contains tips, advice and information on making a complaint.

Our Complaints Support Service is here to:

  • Give you information on how to complain and who to complain to
  • Help you write letters of complaint
  • Make telephone calls for you about your complaint
  • Go with you to meetings about your complaint and make sure your concerns are responded to
  • Work with health and social care organisations to improve services as a result of your complaint

Check out our video to find out more about our Complaints Support Service:

Information on requesting your medical records, on registering with a GP and getting dental treatment is available on NI Direct.

If you have any further questions please fill in the form below and a member of the Complaints Support Team will contact you. Let us know if you would prefer us to telephone you or reply by e-mail.

To find out how the Patient and Client Council (PCC) manage your personal data please refer to our Privacy Policy.


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