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What is the Membership Scheme?

The Patient and Client Council’s Membership Scheme was set up as a meaningful way of involving the public on health and social care issues.  We talk to our members to gather their views on health and social care to inform the key decision makers on what people say.

Why we need your involvement

We want to work in partnership with the people of Northern Ireland to help shape the future of local health and social care services and to ensure that your voice is heard by the decision makers.  We want to form strong links with patients, clients, carers and communities to help us affect real change in the development, planning and provision of services.

The more people that get involved, the greater our driving force for change.

Join our Membership Scheme

Check out our video to see why you should get involved.

What do members do?

As a member you will have opportunites to:

  • Have your say on issues which matter to you.
  • Get involved online, by post, or face to face.
  • Join with other members to share your experience.
  • Take part in discussions and debate tough decisions.
  • Help influence the decision makers.
  • Help improve local and regional services.
  • Help us develop the Membership Scheme.
  • Take part in research.

Health and Social Care services are funded by the people of Northern Ireland, so it is only fair that you have a say in what services you would like to see, and how you would like them to change.

What have Members done?

The Membership Scheme began in April 2010, and in a short space of time members have contributed significantly to a number of projects such as:

The People’s Priorities

Every year the Minister for Health releases a document called ‘Priorities for Action’ which lists a set of targets and recommendations that each health and social care service must meet in the coming years.  The Patient and Client Council consults with its members and asks them, for example, “If you were the Health Minister, what would your top three priorities be for health and social care in Northern Ireland?”  Once we’ve spoken to our members, we submit their views to the Minister for Health and other key decision makers to help inform them in the commissioning, planning and delivery of current and future health and social care services.

Members have also contributed to the following topics:

All our our reports are available in the Publications section of our website, or you can request a hard copy by calling: 0800 917 0222.

If you would like to join our Membership Scheme, simply Click Here to sign up!

To find out how the Patient and Client Council (PCC) manage your personal data please refer to our Privacy Policy.